Day in Budapest

TODAY the day started out foggy and Budapest lived up to its romantic reputation on the Danube.

ON the Atla, we started with a lovely breakfast. Not only was there smoked salmon, but it is possible to order eggs as you like them, fresh fruit and cooked veggies. Healthy eating is definitely an easy choice on Viking River Cruises.

ON our tour today, we visited Buda and Pest in one trip and there is an emphasis on the separateness of the two cities. Pest is the newer of the two, and Buda has the Castle district. Matthias church was in the fog and one of its spires was partially hidden. It was rather captivating.

Sketch in the evening dusk in Slovakia from the boat in the cold evening air


  1. Budapest is one of our favorite cities! So glad you got the chance to go! Would you go back?

    1. Lori says:

      Hi, Denise & Ryne Yes, I would go back. I found it one of the most beautiful cities I have been in.

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