First Impressions

The beautiful giantee Atla is the Norse goddess of water.

Viking River Cruise

“It’s not every day you see someone fishing outside of your room”, my husband says, making me look out the window. Indeed as I looked out, there are two fishermen trying to catch some food, I am assuming fish, but one never knows.

Getting here

Luckily coming from Prague is quite easy. We are rested. Contrary to folks who just traveled here today, their luggage was lost. Need I say more? I am not saying that getting here earlier is better, in fact, it can be quite opposite as you have to figure out what to do prior to the cruise. We did some travelling in Prague which was nice, but one has to find their own way around.

We traveled in from the Buda side. Buda, it’s my understanding, is the new side. And new means lots of tagged walls and industrial looking buildings. Even the apartment buildings as you enter the city look industrial. I asked my husband if this was a communist country, and he said at one time it was. I guess I need to brush up on my history. But, when you have a walking encyclopedia, it is not necessary. For the benefit of those young people reading this, encyclopedias are what Google replaced many years ago.

I look forward to visiting Pest soon.

The beautiful giantee Atla is the Norse goddess of water.

The Room upon arrival

The room is very nice, actually. It has loads of storage, and the bathroom floor is heated. We were greeted with friendly faces, and an informative host who gave us a quick orientation tour. Our room has some fresh fruit, water and a bottle of wine upon arrival.

We are told that there is a lunch being served until 3:00 and we attend. The food was good, and timely too. A nice glass of wine and a glass of beer for my husband was a welcomed drink.

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