HEEDING my husband’s advice to not fear missing out is my theme for today.  Breakfast introduced me to the idea that I am probably missing out when our table-mates informed us that they were going on three full excursions today!   Not only are we not going on three excursions today, but did we choose the wrong one?

Beautiful Vienna

AS we arrive into Vienna, again it is a foggy and cold day.  This morning we had a tour of the city.  I am beginning to really like these tours that Viking River Cruises puts on.  Each one of the guides thus far has been very well-informed, knowledgeable, easy to talk to and, importantly, full of personality.  Additionally, each one has appeared to love their job.  Who can ask for anything more?  So my vote is that these included tours are very good.

TODAY we opted for the grand city tour and the Naschmarkt tour with Atla’s chef.

Naschmarkt, Vienna

WE were brought to the Naschmarkt via the underground train station by a guide.  She distributed transport tickets and advised the group how they are to be used – activating them prior to entering the platforms where the trains pick up and deposit passengers.  She then provided a short tutorial about the public transport system that Vienna uses.  I actually find Vienna’s underground transit system easier than other cities as the platform is in the middle of the two tracks which makes it easy to double check when you are standing on the platform that you have the right one, and if you don’t, you simply cross to the other side.  Perhaps I can see that the platforms become very busy during rush hour, etc., but I liked the system.

WHEN we met up with Atla’s chef, we were able to try some local cheese, learn about pumpkin oil, which I now love, have a glass of wine, try some other local specialties.  What a great way to try new and regional foods!

LATER as we were going back, my husband and I opted to wander into the Christmas market which was nearby and then find our own way back.  We had to be back for 11:45 PM, and no problem there.  We saw enough in an hour, had a glass of Gluwein, and then proceeded back.  Easy peesy!

Viking River Cruise Vienna Excursions

HEREIN lies the problem:  On tap for today are SIX (6) optional tours!  Should we have gone to one of the other tours?  After all, remember the couple we were sitting with for breakfast who went on three full tours today?  What if we are told when we get back home, ‘Well, while in Vienna, you must go to the Mozart & Strauss Concert!’, or ‘We went to see the Lipizzaner Stallions, and you should not miss that!’, or or or.   And my biggest worry of today, ‘We may never be back, so we had to go!’  This is a real problem for me, FOMO, or fear of missing out.  Well, we chose what we chose, and who knows if we will be back?  We enjoyed our day, and what more can you ask?  I have no regrets.  Truth be told, one of the things I truly enjoyed the most was wandering around the market, it happened to be an art market, and feeling relaxed and enjoying the Viennans.  Everyone here is so very relaxed it seems.  This may not be the case, in reality, but there was a festive air and a comfortableness the surrounded us when we wandered the town on our own.  That is a very special memory for me.  The foggy night provided the ambiance and the cool weather encourages closeness.  All in all, it was a lovely day and I enjoyed it with my dear husband!

NEXT time we will try a different excursion, I am sure, and we will continue to balance it out and look for those very special memories!


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