5 Tips About How to Pack for Your Next Trip

5 Tips When Planning a Wardrobe for Trip to Europe


I have an upcoming trip which includes lots of walking, train rides, bus rides, boat trips, Christmas, New Years, fine dining and beers on the street. 

5 things to think about when planning a multi-purpose wardrobe for a trip overseas

Family Fun in Paris


  1. (MOST IMPORTANTLY) Bring those comfortable shoes.  Whether you choose runners, hikers or flip flops, this is the choice that will make or break your trip.  My advice is to choose a pair of shoes that are good in all scenarios, and then pick one pair or shoes or boots for another more specialized day or evening.  Be aware, you may not be happy that you chose a pair or shoes that you can only wear once because they do take up a lot of room.  So two pairs of multi-purpose shoes is a must! 
Rome in Winter


  • Weather weather weather.  This is where some accessories are nice to have.  Do you want to carry an umbrella on your day which involves walking and bus rides and museum tours or would you rather just have a good raincoat?  (Besides, you can pick up an inexpensive umbrella wherever you are!)  That is the choice you need to make.  I always go for a ball cap and a raincoat.  I have found a great raincoat which is breathable so quite comfortable.  A good outdoor store is your best for this kind of wear.  We have MEC in Canada and Campers Village, both excellent choices.  Get something that bunches up into a tiny ball (not taking up too much space) but is big enough that you can wear over top of your other clothing including a warm coat if necessary.  Think layers.  You may want to consider a longer raincoat If you are built like me, and that is with larger thighs.  Not so much fun when they get wet!
Paris Rooftops


  • Season, you know, spring, summer, fall and winter.  I happen to very much enjoy travelling off season.  I know that not everyone is in agreement on this point, so if you go in the summer, know that it rains and know that you may need a light coat for the evening.  Plan we wear breathable clothing as it seems that the weather across the planet is getting warmer each and every year, especially in Europe.  The heatwaves are coming closer together.  If you travel in the winter, my suggestion is layers, and always bring a light scarf.  I usually pack at least two.  I bring one on the plane and have it with me at all times.  I use the scarf as a pillow, a cover, or just around my neck to keep me warm.  Luckily on a cold train from the northern part of Finland one year, going back to Helsinki, the hot air, yes hot air, blew straight into my face.  It was an overnight train, and I was able to deflect the horrid hot air by covering my face with the scarf. 


  • Colours.  This is important and will keep your clothing to a minimum.  Actually try this:  Try on each item of pants with each item of tops.  Consider neutrals. Every piece of clothing should match and be able to be worn together.  I went to Paris for three months and did this and ended up with the best ever wardrobe.  My entire ensemble fit into one small suitcase.    Remember too that when you wear your best outfit, which you can do everyday in Paris, you will never see the same person twice.  So go ahead and wear the same thing again and again if you want.


  • And that brings me to an all-encompassing point.  Again, bring only a couple of pair of underwear, and do like I do, handwash them every evening when you can, let them dry and wear them again the next day.  Besides, who wants to carry around a bunch of dirty clothing including underwear?  This is a good habit to get into.  Of course bring a pair of lightweight pjs, the best socks you can afford.  I tend to buy wool because then my feet can breathe.  I also look for runner’s socks as they are dual layers and do not cause as much friction on your feet.  A warm hat, mitts, sweater, longjohns in winter are all necessary to keep you comfortable on your trip.  After all, these trips are not cheap and you do not want to miss a moment by being cold and uncomfortable, or too hot for that matter. 

There are many more things I could talk about, but if you have any questions, just shoot me an email and I will try to answer them. 

Also remember that you are going to a place where you can purchase everything you may need, so try not to stress about it too much.  If you forget to bring mitts, and you need them, then stop and buy them. 



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