Sketchbook Flip

Today I am sharing with you a sketchbook flip from a trip a couple of years ago.

About this sketchbook

Sketchbooks become very valuable, and this one went to three different parts of the world with me.  Me taking this sketchbook back out of the country three times is very unusual for me.  If I would have filled it up better, then I would not have brought it, I think.  It is okay to stop taking a sketchbook with you because you become afraid that you might lose it.  This happens all the time for me.  I do sometimes go back to the book and I may finish pictures by adding paint, or I may add words or even take it on another trip closer to home.

Italy, Florence, Cinque Terre, Pisa

This sketchbook is from a trip to Italy primarily.  We flew to Florence and loved it.  Florence is such a walkable city and so we walked a lot.  There is a lot of shopping to do, a lot of sights to see, and I was able to sit down a few times and do a sketch.  We then made our way to Cinque Terre via Pisa.  We stayed in Pisa and had great food there.  I don’t remember the places but I remember the ease of getting around Pisa.

Easy Way to Get the Sense of a City

When I did this sketchbook, I was not blogging and, therefore, did not keep detailed track of places or addresses, etc.  I doubt that I will start.  I tend to get a sense from a city and go from there.  I love to let the city direct me where to go.  Do I need to see all of the touristy attractions?  Not at all.  Sometimes I spend an afternoon just wandering around, and sketching, and getting a sense of what this area is all about.

Something to think about when you visit Cinque Terre

When we went to Cinque Terre, we were advised prior to going by our daughter where to stay.  She was there just the year before, and she advised that we should stay in Corniglia, which is basically in the middle, and then walk one way one day and then walk the other way the other day.  Most of the young people go from one village right through all of them and then take the ferry back and hop on the train and go somewhere else, all in one day.  But we did it in three days, we arrived one day, walked one direction one day and then the other the next, and then left the next.  It was quite nice and we were able to stay for meals and enjoy the whole area.

I hope you enjoy the sketchbook flip!

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