Adventure is a common travel style for a lot of people.  You sit at a desk all day, you do the same thing over and over, day in, day out.  Appearing on your desktop may be photos of mountains that you want to climb, rivers and waterways you want to traverse on canoe or kayak, nature which entices you to come and visit, spend time in it, recharge your batteries.  This being a very common travel style, there is a lot of information out there about an adventure kind of trip, from what to bring, guidebooks, what to wear, maps, and even in the case of many outdoor stores, speakers who will tell you firsthand what it is like, what you will most likely expect, when to go and the list goes on. 

I love this type of trip planning.  It gets you out of your comfort zone, it makes you prepare, and it really becomes something to look forward to.  No matter your age, I think an adventure is good for your soul.


While planning your trip, I must mention one thing.  Oftentimes, travellers feel invincible when they travel.  I am sure there is a reason for this, one which smarter folks than I can talk about.  A few examples are those young persons who will dive into a pool unaware of its depth, when at home, they would slide in as they were taught as youngsters and know the depth prior to entry.  Or planning a cross-country ski trip in the mountains to a cabin five to six hours away.  What was I thinking the traveller would say, I do not cross-country ski on a regular basis.  So be cautious, and at least prepare if need be.



So who doesn’t need a relaxing holiday?  We all need down time, some more than others.  Personally I like to daydream and gaze into the horizon, watch the ocean, order drinks from the beach bar and that is a relaxing holiday.  Some say they relax when they are able to do something totally different than their everyday lives.  And that could look like excursions from the ship or excursions from an all inclusive, trips that are fun and easy because they are preplanned and easy to join in on. 


The only caution that I can think about with this type of trip style is have a conversation with those you are travelling with and see what their expectations are.  Others you may want to chat with would be children, spouses and travelling partners or friends who you travel with.  Discussing the type of travel you want to do, including what it means to you, is important to do before you leave on your trip.

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So there are two kinds of sports holidays I am thinking of here.  Sports that you want to play such as golf at St. Andrews Old Course in Scotland.  Or local, golf in or near your town and go from town to town to experience many different courses.  I highly recommend this as the small courses offer friendly local people from small towns who truly appreciate your business. 

The other type of sports travel is going somewhere to watch sports.  My dear husband (DH) and I are travelling to the Czech Republic this Christmas to watch the World Juniors Hockey tournament which is held each year starting on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas Day. 


There will not be any options for when you go if you go to a tournament.  It is held when it is held.  Of course, golfing or whitewater rafting or kayaking or hiking, the options will be myriad.  Secondly is the question of tickets.  DH and I decided we wanted to go to watch the World Juniors when they were held in Sweden, but we could not find tickets online.  We ended up going with a tour company, and this upcoming year will be our third time going with them.  We plan our own flights there and back and plan our own tours and sightseeing prior to meeting up with the group.  So choose your sports/sporting events with these tips in mind.


Are you a history buff?  Artists?  Do you enjoy plays and the symphony?  Going on a trip to Paris or Budapest, New York, or London can satisfy any type of travel you wish to do.  And additionally it can satisfy all three plus sports and adventure.  What I mean to say is that you can combine different travel styles.

I find travelling to big towns and famous venues interesting and it satisfies my craving to learn more.   DH is a history buff and so he enjoys historical venues, Versaille, Juno Beach, Dachau, and the list goes on.  I enjoy art and so I enjoy visiting theatrical shows and the art galleries, MoMA in various cities, the Louvre, street art in Lisbon.


If your travel partner enjoys history, be prepared to listen and be interested.  It can be fascinating.  And a further caution for artists travelling with non-artists, sometimes you can feel rushed.  It may be better to go to the art gallery alone. 

There are without a doubt as many travelling styles as there are travellers.  Most importantly, conversations need to be had prior to a trip so that there are no disappointing scenarios.

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  1. Stacey says:

    We’re a mixture of travel styles. We love the historic stuff and nature, but we relax a little here and there, too. We do a little adventure, but we’re not really the sporty type.

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