What am I doing and a bit about me

I just wanted to share a bit about myself. At present I am holed up at Banff National Park in Alberta staying in a small trailer for four days. The smoke from the neighbouring province comes and goes. When we arrived yesterday, the smoke was very bad and then cleared off when we got to our destination. I hope to get out and sketch today, hoping that I can see the scenery as this is one of the most spectacular places in the world. Funny how no two places in the world are quite like the other. I never feel …

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Seated Male

I call this seated male.  Once a week I attend figure drawing and believe that it has enhanced my skills as an artist.  Sometimes I get into a funk and have to mix it up with coloured pencils, chalk, watercolour or pen.  Sometimes I scribble.  Sometimes I concentrate on shade.  But as always, there are many many young people who are simply spectacular artists and I always hope some of their skills and techniques will transfer to me.  It is also such a joy to watch the younger artists grow as they go through art school.  One of my wishes …

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Alberta Mountains

Every Summer I enjoy going to the mountains in Alberta and British Columbia. This year is no exception. Unfortunately British Columbia is suffering catastrophic fires which are causing entire towns to evacuate and move to less dangerous places. It is a very stressful time in British Columbia right now. We are very fortunate to have such beautiful scenery so close to us.

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Prayer Flags David Thompson area

If you are so lucky as to walk through the David Thompson area, there are a few areas you come across where there are a large number of Prayer Flags tied to trees.

Usually the area is somber, but sometimes there is a lot of sweet racket created by the creatures of the forest.  It is an awe inspiring experience to be among these Aspen trees amongst a tradition which dates back further than I could even guess.

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How I get inspired?  Sometimes I look for inspiration because it’s not tapping me on the back saying, here I am, come and get me.

This is my weekend backyard, and hopefully my permanent backyard in the next year.  Yes, I am starting a blog about travel and art at the same time as we are building a house.  My sanity will be tested!

Regarding art, an artist can only paint so many sunsets … but they are peaceful and magical nonetheless.

How do you get inspired?

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